Donnelly, Matt. “Tyrese Gibson, Ray Liotta, Scott Eastwood Join Ariel Vromen's 'April 29, 1992' (Exclusive).” Variety, 
Variety, 6 July 2021,
A brief synopsis of the film as seen on Variety: 
After zooming to the top of the pandemic-era box office in the global hit “F9,” actor Tyrese Gibson has booked his next gig alongside Ray Liotta and Scott Eastwood.
The trio will lead the Los Angeles riots thriller “April 29, 1992,” the forthcoming feature from the breakout director of “The Iceman,” Ariel Vromen. Pre-production from a script by Sascha Penn is underway, aiming for an August start. Producers hope to have the film ready for release in observation of next year’s 30th anniversary of the riots, sparked by police brutality against Rodney King.
Gibson, a South Central L.A. native, will play opposite on-screen father and son Liotta and Eastwood. The film takes place on the first night of the riots, centering on a custodian who brings his son to work. The two quickly find themselves in the middle of a heist gone wrong.
– Matt Donnelly, Variety

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